Samle order/reservation process


I am looking for a sample order process or reservation process. My challenge is:

A customer can have request for a (room) reservation. It can select multiple rooms in one request. The customer selects the desired room by a lookup field. My question is: how can I automatically update the avaliability (field) and end reservation date (field) of the room if it’s selected by a lookup field?

I think it’s comparable with an order process were you would want to update the inventory if items are ordered by a customer. I just can find a good example or explanation on how to do it.

Can anyone help me out?

Hi Andre Van Hofwegen,

For Room availability,
• Create a Picklist field(choose other type if needed) which has “Yes” and “No” as values in Room object.
• Ensure you have a Lookup field in Booking object which links to Room object and include the filtering criteria as shown in snap.

• With this configuration in place:
When Person1 books the room using Booking obj by creating a record, switch the value of Picklist field to “No” in corresponding Room object record. For this, you can use a Business rule.

Now after, when person2 is booking room then the room booked by person1 will not be available for him.

You can also have scheduled rule which runs daily to change the Picklist value to “Yes” when “End date” of Room is over.

Similar approaches you can think for other requirements.

Shashank G

Dear Shashank,

Thank for your reply. We will try that. I don’t see a snapshot. Is it possible to provide it?


Hi Shashank,

Thank you very much! This works for the first reservation. I have an additional question:
If the booking gets upgraded to a better room by the hotel, the original booking is changed. The status of the new room is automatically updated, but the original room should be made avaliable again.

So if the lookup field for Room gets changed. Is it possible to set the status of the original (removed) room back to available again (by a business rule)?

Kind regards,


Dear Andre,

I attached the snapshot which went missing on my first reply on this topic.

Yes, you can change the status of the original room using business rule(on updatation of record) by using invoke method rule type.
But in this case, you have to maintain the original room data in another background field which is hidden.

One suggestion, let users submit the new request for upgrading the room by cancelling the original meeting request.

Shashank G