Salesforce Adapter issue


We have interface which connects to Salesforce system via salesforce adapter. While enabling the connection we are getting the below error.

ERROR Message:

Error encountered
[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource Test:SalesForceAdapter.
[ART.118.5063] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to start connection Test:SalesForceAdapter: after 1 attempt(s).
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.
[ADA.505.1001] Resource Connection Exception.
; nested exception is:
org.xml.sax.SAXException: Invalid element in com.sforce.soap.partner.GetUserInfoResult - orgAttachmentFileSizeLimit

Connection Details:
Endpoint URL
User Name webmethods_integration
Password ******
Connector Timeout (sec) 60
Session Timeout (min) 30
Use compression false

Could anyone please help me on this?

Many Thanks

I hope this is resolved. Looks like some package loading error.

Dear all,

Am facing issue while creating the new salesforce connection.

PFA the snapshot and kindly help me to resolve this issue.


Dear all,

Am facing issue while creating the salesforce connection.

PFA the snapshot of the issue and kindly help me out to resolve this issue.


Did you make sure the sales force server is up and no firewall or connection issues between wM —>Sales force app?


Dear rmg,

PFA the attached snap shot.

we are giving the server URL as “” and our firewall is disabled.

we are providing salesforce login username and password in the configuration setup.

but still we are not able to enable the connection. its throwing time out error. kindly help us to resolve the issue.


Please reach out to SAG support also and followup and there could be some thing related to time out settings tune up…

I assume you are on IS 9.0.1 with cloud streams enabled?

Hi Rajkumar,

It looks like some firewall is blocking the access to
Can you try to access via IE from the server where IS is installed? Also, can you try to connect with


Yes Initially my thought also points to firewall side check…It’s worth to cross check with the network team as well and make sure no blocking the other side.


Thanks Satish and Rmg for providing me the information.

Firewall setting is not blocking the access, i have checked via IE where i am able to access and but while enabling the connection am getting the error.

please provide some pointers to SAG group.


Am using IS 9.5 free trial version with cloud stream enabled.


Could be thing still blocking from wM or you may need to increase the extended timeout setting…Since this is a 9.5 trial version not sure if SAG support can give you a hand on troubleshooting.