SAGtermcap on Solaris

Hallo all!

If I start a natural-session on SunOS all function-keys but PF12 are working fine. If I press “F12” on my keyboard, PF23 is submitted. And the next strange thing is: If a press a colon on my keyboard, PF12 is submitted.
My environment-varialbes TERM and NATTERM are set to “xterm”.

Here is an excerpt of my SAGtermcap (Natural 6.1.1 PL 14 for Solaris):


My questions:
Is my SAGtermcap the stardard for Solaris? I’m not sure, if anyone change this for a reason…
I would change the setting PF12 to \E[24~ and the setting PF23 to \EOQ\EOs. Can I distroy anything with this?

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Sounds like you aren’t using NATTERMCAP to adjust your PF-keys ?

NATTERMCAP has a “learn” mode that will assign the ESC sequences properly.

Correct! I don’t use it, because I don’t know it. :oops: Where can I find it?

But one question remains: Is my SAGtermcap the one which is delivered by the natural-installation? Or was it edited by somebody?

It’s nattermcap (lowercase) in NATURAL’s /bin directory.

I can’t tell for sure, because I don’t have a vanilla SAGTermcap right now, but it looks modified to me, you mightbe able to see this when checking the modification date. I’ll find an unmodified one and letyouknow.