SAG Fixes Utility

Hi WM Forum Members,

Is there any utility or software to club multiple fixes to a single image file?

Let say I have downloaded image file for JDBC Adapter fix , IS latest core Fix as well as MWS fix so
Is there any software or utility to combine all these fixes into a single image file.


Do we need to customize by using third party tool/software into a single image file ?
Kindly share knowledge.

Open update manager, select “Create or add fixes to image” and choose installed products only or all licensed products.

Enter empower username and pwd

Provide the image file name say for example C:\

Click next and select the items from the product fix tree to include the fixes in the image.

Click next and select the items under the product fix tree to include them in the image.

Any questions?

Hi Rajiv,

you can download the fixes altogether to one image file or use the separate image files you already have.

But I do not know of any option to build an image file from separate image files.

Installer is able to use existing image files as basis for new image files, but not UpdateManager.
UpdateManager is only able to enhance existing image files with additional fixes.


I agree with Holger on this, you can use installer for this requirement.


Thanks all sharing knowledge in short notice.

Yeah I need get empower credential from my client to follow mention process/steps.
Thanks again :slight_smile:


I am not sure if MRs suggestion will work, as the installation images and the fix images might no be compatible to each other.