SAG docker containers on Private Cloud

Hi All,

Currently i am working on a proposal to move the current integration stack (webMethods) to private cloud.

1> While i understand SAG support docker containers, wanted to know can we deploy these containers to private cloud ?

2> Also , i understand currently there is only support for Integration Server on Cloud, what is the road map for UM also to be containerized ?

3> How is licensing to be managed as we currently have a on prem licenses ?

Awaiting to hear from you.


Vipul S

i can answer for 2 - UM you can containerized now also. there is an article on techcommunity on how to do that. search for it.Ā®

Thanks Mangat Rai.

I am still awaiting from our SAG technical team for an update. :frowning:


Private or public cloud both works, the prerequisite is docker. There may be technical details to be considered depending on your individual setup (like with every other deployment methodology), but this can not to be ensued remotely.

You should investigate the webMethods Microservicecontainer which is basically the method to support docker but is more lightweighted than a full IS (Development will still be on an IS, so you are reusing your existing code). You should also go for the latest full release, as this technology is rapidly evolving.

About licensing you need to contact your account manager.

Hi Vipul,

One alternative, which I tried myself, is to install the full/required webMethods stack on base Docker image (RHEL/CentOS) and create a base webMethods image out of it.

Use that image to deploy as many instances as required.

It also supports multiple deployment scenarios using Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

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