Private Cloud Infrastructure

Hi There,

I am planning to setup and configure private cloud infrastructure on window OS and top of it will be implementing wM ESB server. Have anyone set up private cloud infrastructure on window OS ?

Please provide guideline or documentation to configure private cloud infrastructure or
Do we have any SAG guide for same ?

Appreciate your response.

Hi Rajib,

Are you able to configure Private cloud or have you got any link for the same.If yes,can you please share,I am also looking for the same.


Did you have a look at the Cloud Stream docs provided by SAG?

Any update to this topic? We are looking at moving one of our IS’s to private cloud and I am looking at any kind of documentation help on how to size IS in the cloud.

Have not seen any update on this thread ? Is there any documentation available for deploying the wM product on private cloud ?

Hi Vipul,
Could you post this query in the Integration Server forum?


Sure Bhaskar Reddy.