webMethods onPremise to Public Cloud Migration Steps

Hello Experts,

I’m looking for the pre-requisites/steps required for the wM to any Public Cloud Migration (AWS, Azure, or GCP)

I hope someone can help me.

I really appreciate it if anyone could provide a roadmap.


Hi @Saritha_Paladugu3

I recommend you read the following:
Cloud Migration: A Complete Guide | Software AG

Come back if you have further questions.



Hi Wayne,

Thank you for your reply and for sharing the Guide link.
I’ve gone through the Guide and it helped me to have a basic understanding of migration. However, I could think of the below list/actions that need to be performed/shared by the webMethods team. I’m looking for the required list that needs to be prepared from the webMethods end, which will help me to prepare estimations and efforts required for the Cloud Migration.

  1. Hardware Requirements (Hard Drive, RAM, Cores, etc…) to create VMs on the Cloud
  2. Install cloud migration utility in the on-premise webMethods platform
  3. Migration Phase (on-prem to Cloud)
  4. Open Firewall connectivity between wM servers and Cloud
  5. Platform Connectivity Testing and Validation

Please add points if anything is missed/required.


Hi Saritha,

Reddeswar here, i would like to understand in detail if you found any article related to your query. Please share with us to enhance knowledge.



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