SAG Designer RPC Environment not working with secured Broker

I’ve just started working with EntireX and SAG Designer 8.
Without Broker security I’m able to define a XML/SOAP RPC Server under Software AG, EntireX, RPC Environments. Everything works, the RPC Environment Monitor, deploying a xmm mapping file, and also calling the service works fine.

However, with Broker security I can no longer use the RPC Environment functionality in SAG Designer. The error is always:

Deployment Error: 0020 0379: API: Inconsistent Security Installation Details: Broker Error 0020 0379: API: Inconsistent Security Installation

This happens in the RPC Environments configuration and the deployment.
I’m sure that the EntireX Authentication has been set correctly in the RPC Environments configuration.
Running and using the XML RPC Servers with security works without any problems. Therefore I believe the server configuration is ok, I only set SECURITY = YES and adapted the settings in the RPC Server configuration. Only the integration in SAG Desginer seems to be affected.

Did I miss anything? Or is it simply a bug in the Designer that it ignores the authentication settings?
Thanks for your help

I assume this is a bug in the Designer. Please open a support request.

Ok, I got my eService account and opened a support request. I will report back here when I know more.