SAG components( IS, MWS , EGW, Active Transfer & UM) on AWS

Hello Experts,

We have been requested by a client to setup SAG components( IS, MWS , EGW, TC, Active Transfer & UM) on AWS public cloud.

I tried contacting the SAG global support without much help.

Could you please advise what all needs to be taken care? Any leads? Any document which could be help in term of defining resource / sizing etc? Any special attention should be given for performance etc? ( Though, I have installed IS on AWS cloud of self-learning)

Thanks in advance for your help!


Forgot to add we are planning to use AWS RDS Oracle standard database as external database for product installation.

First start with the System requirements guide, you will get some insights. More docs on the below link

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Yes from the version 9.12 and up.

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