S0C7 issued as opposed to a NAT0954


While searching for anyone who had experienced a similar problem I found this forum and thought that you may be able to assist.

We have a Natural Batch process which has started failing with a S0C7. Normally I would have expected this to fail with a NAT0954.

The module it is reporting as failing in is NATVVVSH however as this is a S0C7 we are not able to determine what is causing the issue as the program simply fails without going into any Natural error reporting or On Error block.

If anyone could offer any insight it would be appreciated.


Use the Natural parameter   DU=OFF   to have Natural catch the error and issue a NAT0954 instead.

Go to this website:


How big is NATVVVSH? If not too large, either scatter a few WRITEs using hex edit masks on suspect variables. Or, use the debugger and establish watchpoints on suspect variables.

Look for A format REDEFINES of N format. Then look to see if the alpha format is RESET. This is a fairly common error.

Thanks Wolfgang I will give it a go and feed back.

Hi Steve

NATVVVSH seems to be a program which is internal to the Natural Environment and not one which we have developed. We therefore don’t have access to the source.


I assume NATVVVSH simply is the name of the independent / shared Natural nucleus,
so the actual nucleus module causing the S0C7 would have to be located by looking
at the dump.

In case of a S0C7 (aka “data exception”) it may help to find the Natural (user) program causing
the abend as this can easily be caused by a data corruption due to REDEFINEd variables etc.