S/MIME version 3 support

I am working on incorporating the S/MIME version 3 support into the webMethods services. Can anyone let me know how to go about it?

Did you using with WmPublic pub/smime folder services…are those not working for handling s/mime version3 support??


I am not very sure if the WmPublic pub/smime services provide support for the s/mime version3. How can i confirm the same. On my clients suggestion/requirement, I was working on incorporating some third party API’s to provide the s/mime version3 support. Please let me know.

Hi ,

WmPublic pub/smime services or webmethods doesn’t support smime v3 msgs. Got the confirmation from webm.
Currently, we too have the same issue. We thought of using some third party tool for implementing smime v3 for one of our customer. But it seems there is some jar conflicts as webm uses IAIK for its security as well.

Then, we thought of executing the custom java services for smime v3 in seperate JVM other than IS JVM. I am not sure how far its good idea to go out of IS JVM(exceptions handling). But still we are facing some design issues with this approach.

Percy, can you pls let us know if you have already implemented smime v3.
We are using webm 6.5