Runtime "caf.default.runtime" is invalid


I’m getting the below error:

Runtime “caf.default.runtime” is invalid. Missing classpath entry C:\wM8_LocalMachine\MWS..\common\lib\wm-caf-server.jar

But there is no such path now (previously I had, but not now).

In Windows >> Preference >> Java >> Installed JREs >> I have C:\wM_V82_LocalMachine\jvm\jvm160_32. Where else we need to specify the path? and setup I need to modify. Your views.


Hi Sam,

Can i know, when you are facing this error

Actually we will wm-caf-server.jar file in SoftwareAGInstalled>Common>lib folder. Please check whether jar is present or not

Yes Sai, I can see the jar in C:\wM_V82_LocalMachine\common\lib how to map this path?

But in my designer which got mapped to C:\wM8_LocalMachine\MWS..\common\lib\ (Not sure how this path got mapped).

How to modify this please.


  1. Select “Window > Preferences” from the main menu
  2. Select “Server > Runtime Environments” from the preferences tree
  3. Remove the old “My webMethods Server” item
  4. Hit the “Search …” button and select your C:\wM_V82_LocalMachine folder to discover the MWS runtime in that folder.
  5. Close the preferences dialog.
  6. If necessary, use the “CAF Tools > Repair CAF Project” item from the right click context menu of your project to repair it.