Running webMethods under Windows Group Managed Service Accounts

Hi Guys,

Has anyone been able to successfully operate the below webMethods 9.10 components under Win 2012 Group Managed Service Accounts?
The intent is to avoid manual password changes across various servers.
SAG support quoted “It is not a certified feature. It means this feature is not completed tested and certified by our performance team.”.

  • Software AG Integration Server
  • Software AG Platform Manager
  • Software AG Runtime
  • Terracotta Server Array
  • Software AG Collaboration
  • Software AG Command Central Server
  • Software AG My webMethods Server
  • Software AG Universal Messaging

We are managing these components under system account, so far we didn’t see any issues.

•Software AG Integration Server

•Software AG Platform Manager

•Software AG Runtime

•Terracotta Server Array

•Software AG Command Central Server

•Software AG My webMethods Server

•Software AG Universal Messaging

Have one question, why you are running these components with service account, why can’t system account(default).?

Even we have operated some time with service account, didn’t see any issues.


Hi Krishna,

It’s a rule for us that app services should be running under a non-interactive service account.

When you were operating your services under service account was it of the group managed service account type with automated password change?

am not getting exactly, can you provide more details on this.?

Also check this link , it may helps you…

Yes, that’s what we are looking at.
Just concerned that SAG Support responded that wM is not certified to operate under windows group managed service accounts (gMSA).

Did you encounter any issues while using ssues gMSA when the password change of the service account was automatically taken care of by the windows Key Distribution Service (KDS)?

Now we are using system account(default) for wM services, no issues so far.

Better you can raise the request with MS team to get an idea on this.