Running My webMethods startup/shutdown script from a remote directory


I couldn’t find answer for my question, so let me put it there.

Where I try to run script from a remote directory eg. /home I get the error message:

[webm@ik4t7013 ~]$ sh /opt/data/webm/wm82/MWS/server/default/bin/
/opt/data/webm/wm82/MWS/server/default/bin/ line 11: ./ No such file or directory

whereas it runs perfectly from from the directory it is installed.

I also tried copying into /wm82/MWS/server/default/bin/ but it didn’t work either.

wM version is 8.2.

The question is if it can be run from remote directory some other way, or there’s not such feature.


You can build a wrapper script with the following steps:

  • save the current directory (pwd)
  • change to the MWS/bin-directory
  • call the real script
  • change back to the original directory