Windows batch script for startup/shutdown

It’s been quite a while since I’ve worked with DOS commands. I’m trying to write a simple batch script for startup/shutdown of webMethods components. In my script, I want to determine if the webMethods database is running or not. The tricky part is that the database server is on a separate server than the webmethods IS server. Also, we have dedicated servers for some of the webMethods components (IS/TN and MWS). I want to check to see if those are running and startup/shutdown accordingly. The reason behind creating a custom batch script is that our Windows VM does a reboot of the server whenever a patch has been installed. Because our window services for webMethods are set to “Manual”, someone needs to start each of the webMethods components up. We could have the window services set to “Automatic” startup but if the wM database isn’t available, I would think IS would complain about the database when IS starts up. If someone confirms that it’s okay to set the window service as “Automatic”, then custom startup/shutdown script is not needed.

My suggestion is to set the service as Automatic. For the one or two times a year (if that often) that the DB is down when IS starts, just manually restart after you hear from the DB team that the DB is up.

If the DB starts up at the same time as the wM IS, wouldn’t that be a problem?

Probably yes/no depends on how fast IS/db comes up and db restart pick up soon but ofcourse you will see lot of errors in the logs and it slows down the IS start up.

“You will see lot of errors in the logs…” that should be okay once the database is available, right? There should be no need to restart IS again after the database is available, correct?

This too seems to me to be a rare occurrence.


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