RPC Trace under CICS

I have problems with the RPC’s trace output under CICS. I cannot obtain any output, don’t matter the values for tracelevel and tracedestination in the transaction created under CICS. For this two parameters i have put different values (including wrong values and i don’t get any error) but i don

Hello Oscar,

try to set the tracelevel and tracedest parameters with the online maintenance facility (ERXM). Use CSSL for tracedest.

Note that these changes cannot be applied to a running RPC server. You must start/restart the RPC server after doing these changes in ERXM.

Kind regards,

I experience the same problem.
I have set trace level 1, trace destination CSSL and bounced the server. ==> No trace is written.
I know this worked before. Although I can not say it for sure, believe it stopped working since we upgraded to CICS Transaction server 1.3