RPC Client for C on OS/390

I’ve a problem with creating RPC Client for C on OS/390. The Source in C generated with EntireX Workbench isn’t being compiled on OS/390 (I use IBM C/C++ compiler), because functions located in erx.dll (on Windows) like ERXCall(),ERXRegister() etc. are not accessible on OS/390 (or I don’t know where these functons are located on OS/390)

Is there anyone who knows how I can create this RPC Client?

Best regards
Leszek Andrzejczak

EntireX does not support C Clients on z/OS. Is it possible from your side to use COBOL? Techically it may

I use COBOL RPC client now, but on new version z/OS we won’t have COBOL. Because RPC client is being called from C++ function I think C client is a very good solution. Now I’m trying to “translate” client source from COBOL to C++ but I have no effect.
My Polish SAG support has answered that SAG headquarters said that it is possible to create RPC client from C, but SAG wants “logs and errors” from my compiling RPC client (I haven’t got “logs and errors”, because I have no C/C++ source for RPC client on z/OS).

Best regards,
Leszek Andrzejczak

Looks like there was a misunderstanding in SAG Headquarters Support. There is currently no C RPC client support on z/OS.

Since this is already a support issue I suggest to continue with this topic via the support channels.

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Rolf Bahlke
Software AG Research and Development.