CICS Eating OSCOR after EntireX client software upgrade

We recently upgraded to 8.0.1 of EntireX and had been moving right along with our testing with good results. Our server team, trying to be proactive, decided to put some hotfixes on the Client side. Ever since the patches were put on our throughput has gone in the drink. Does anyone out there have any ideas as to what is wrong. When we run a test, OSCOR in the CICS region gets depleated until the region abends with a S80A.

please open a support request (

The scenario you describe sounds incomplete: what is your “Client side”? Are the client side components also on EXX v8.0.1? Are you certain that no other patches were put in z/OS and CICS in the same time frame? It seems unlikely that any patches on a Unix or Windows client would cause OSCOR in CICS to be depleted.

What components are you using? Is CICS a client or server in this application? Are you using Natural or 3GL? ACI or RPC?

I have already opened a support request. I thought someone would have a similar experience. For the record the client side is a windows 2003 server, Bob Jeffcott was onsite to help the server guys upgrade the client software from 7.3.4 to 8.0.1. We added patches for both the Broker and the RPC server prior to upgrading the client software and we had no problems. After Bob updated the server software we were still running fine. Last week the server guys decided to upgrade the client software and now we are having problems. CICS is the Server and we are using RPC.