rpc server and client at the same time

Hi to all!!
I have few time working with C rpc server/client in entirex
At the time I develop a couple or three rpc servers and his correspondents clients without many problems.

But now, i try to develop a rpc server (server A) who call to another rpc server (server B) and then return a result.

I try to generate the c server stubs and client stubs (for c language) and obtain a dll that “run fine”; but when this server (the server A) is invoked for a client, the client obtain a 1001 0018 error at the client, and the console of the server A (SRVICD and ICDPGMX are the library and program defined in th idl file of server A) display this:

18:04:09 WORKER(17c0): 10050060 Program ICDPGMX abended with exception=SIGSEGV

18:04:09 WORKER(17c0): 10050033 Could not resolve RPC call for SRVICD/ICDPGMX.

18:04:09 WORKER(17c0): 10050044 ERXDynDispatch() failed.
18:04:09 WORKER(17c0): 00010007 Already Registered.

the server B don’t receive any call

Anyone has an idea about how can i do that?
Is it posible?
Thanks in advance and sorry for my terrible english

Hi Gerardo,
I’ve never worked with the C-RPCserver.
But a qualified guess is that your A-server only has one occurence of the “control block” data (- as far as I can see it’s the stuff from ERX.H).
This will probably give you some problems because some field have already been filled when you receive the call from the client, and you only explicitly specify some of the fields before you call the B-server - like: brokerid, class/server/service.