.NET server


I’ve created the .NET RPC server DLL as shown in the helpfiles.
When the server is started, no error occurs. However, when a call is received, the following error is thrown :

10:12:42 WORKER(0e9c): 10050033 Could not resolve RPC call for SYSTEM/R972NTWA.

10:12:42 WORKER(0e9c): 10050044 ERXDynDispatch() failed.
10:12:42 WORKER(0e9c): 10010016 Callee not found.

where can the error be solved?

any help will be appreciated


I’m guessing there is a discrepancy between what you specified as a Library in your IDL and the options set in the .Net RPC Server. Check out the documentation section “Setup and Administration of EntireX RPC under Windows” (file:///C:/Program%20Files/Software%20AG/EntireX/Docu/admin/windows/setup/rpcserv.htm#Locating_and_Calling_the_Target_Server)

If you have setNaturalLogon(true), then the library name at logon time is used to locate the DLL. If not, library “SYSTEM” is usually used.