.Net RPC Server System Library


I am calling a .net dll from natural (mainframe) using entirex and the dotnet rpc server. The mainframe sends the library name which is searched for as the dll name on a windows server by the RPC server. Is there any way to change the expected library name i.e. to prefix or suffix the library name sent be the mainframe before the RPC server searches for the dll? The reason for this is that, on our Production machine, all programs are in the SYSTEM library, and it is not possible to use an alternate library for these programs. However, system.dll is not a valid dll name in .net.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

You can use the Natural Application Programming Interface USR4008N for this. See the section Operating a Natural RPC Environment in the Natural documentation.

Hi yuben,
there is an easy way to configure the .NET server with the config file rpcserver.exe.config. You are able to choose any valid name for your dll containing the library system. In this case you have to add a line of the form:

to the EntireX Assemblies section of the config file. The key is your library name, the value should of course point to the appropriate dll in the file system. Please have a look to the chapter “EntireX .NET Wrapper Application Configuration” for further details.
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Thanks for your response. Much appreciated.