XML RPC wrapper - changing libraries

Hi All,

  • Environment: OS/390 Natural - ETX version 7.2.1 patch 50
  • W2K3 Windows server - ETX version 7.2.1 patch 50

I have a question regarding libraries in XML RPC servers. As I understand it, the library name is the service name in the WSDL which maps to the class name.

When I call the application from a Natural client it works fine if I have the class name the same as the library from which the app is run. But if I run the app in a different natural library I get the 2000 0082 error. The trace on the EntireX RPC server is showing natural library being passed in.

Is there a way of modifying the library name before calling the RPC server? I have tried using USR4008N as per some of the documentation that I read - a small amount of knowledge is a bad thing - but this gets me an error saying “function only available with version RPC611”.


Natural by default uses (Natural) RPC version 511 (has nothing todo with EntireX versioning - just an own Natural RPC runtime version number) with certain features. Natural RPC 611 and 621 are newer Natural RPC version numbers with more features (IDL data types, unbounded arrays, sending library, etc.)
The highest Natural RPC version number you could use depends on your Natural version. Please check the related Natural documentation what is possible in your installation.
You have to use a Natural version supporting at least RPC611 as the error message says.