Rollingback the Patch release in WmDeployer


Using WmDeployer, if I make a Patch release Will it be possible to rollback the release?

For example in my first Patch release I have added a service S1, S2 to the Package and in my second release I have added a service S3 to the same package. But After my deployment I like to rollback the second patch release remove the service S3 from the Package. If I use my build1 which is used for the first release and make a deployment to the target server, Will the second patch release will rollback?

I really suspect whether the rollback of patch release will work in WmDeployer?

It will be great if any of u suggest any procedure for this.



An alternate way to do this is using package replication and select the patch release.if you want to rollback, use that particular release created prior to this and send that release again.
hope this helps.