RN document with attachments

Is there Any guideline to receive RN document with attachment ,process this and then write the xml to a Directory .

Did you see RN documentation, I hope it should have what you want. Also search in this community as I believe lot of posts exist with the same requirement.


Documentation have details in general --but would like to see the related topics .

Which forum i have to look to find the related ones ?

Searching in general with out any particular forum doesn’t help at all in tech community .

This feature was really good with wm users ,also once submitted wmusers shows all related post by itself .
This itself give us a hint for answers before some one actually reply .Such good features ,I could not find here in tech community

Any help ??

As RN is an Addon to TN (B2B) there might be a some questions/answers in the “B2B Integration” Forum.

But the search in community forums should list some appropriate threads when giving the term “RN” together with some other useful terms.

wmUsers Forums have been integrated to the commnuity forums and their threads should be listed as well.

Or you can try to search the global internet and hopefully find some links pointing back to these community forums.


That is exactly the problem here with searching .
We have to either make a guess on suitable forum to search for or use google .And then we have to open each message to see if it is just question or someone has actually replied .No related forums are displayed once submitted .

This kind of search options were pretty good with wmusers and i don’t think this kind of integration has really helped the product or people using it

Hi Ann,

it is possible to search the complete community forums.
Just make sure to use correct search terms (you might have to try several combinations).

You will see a list of threads together with the forum they were posted in.

Some threads might have been posted to a wrong forum by accident.

If you think that the search function should be enhanced/improved, please open a feature request at brainstorm for this.


Ann, we understood your pain, but we have to use what we have. Not sure why wmusers community is been stopped :?


wmusers commnunity has been migrated and integrated into the TechCommunity.

Most of the messages from wmusers are available from TechCommunity.

Sometimes you will find old archive threads from wmusers when searching the internet.