RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE - Lock table overflow

We are using the SAP Standard RFC “WDLD_EDI_STATUS_SET” to programatically set the status of IDOC in SAP system.

Lately we are seeing the below error:
[ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service x.x.x.x:WDLD_EDI_STATUS_SET. [SAP.102.9000] JCo error: (104) RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE - Lock table overflow

I have searched the previous forums for this error and I couldnt find any.
so can anyone plz help me understand and fix this issue .


“Lock table overflow” means your SAP system is in serious trouble…!!!
Better ask your R/3 admin to investigate this (perhaps a reboot is sufficient, but perhaps SAP support needs to be contacted to get the system up and running again).