REVIEW Changed From Local Mode to HUB Mode


Our production REVIEW (v4.5.1) has been running in local mode for years. Yesterday when I tried to create a report definition to capture some Control Block fields and some Natural fields, an attempt to start this report (with history=yes) turned REVIEW into HUB mode. The attempt seems to detach the history task as well. We cannot seem to start any REVIEW reports because the dbid is deemed as a HUB id.

We know that by bouncing Adabas will change the mode back to local. Our production environment is a 24 by 7. The opportunity to bounce Adabas is very little.

Is there a way to change the REVIEW mode back to local without bouncing Adabas?

Our Adabas is v8.2.2.

Many thanks in advance.


With the supplied information I asume that following happend:

a) the review subtask did abend and then accessing via SYSREVDB to this review this was not possible. This was incorrectly handled in REV451 and it looks like there was a switch to the hub mode, with REV452 there will be the correct message ┬┤target not available┬┤ instead

b) it is possible to switch review on/off and also from local to hub mode (with the operator command REVIEW=xx), it should also work that you turn review on again by specifying REVIEW=local.

Can you please clarify this sort of question with your local support center?