Is SAG planning to drop support on Report Mode ?

I am at client with heavy use of ADABAS/NATURAL.
Current version on NATURAL is 4.2.5 with a 50/50 split between Report mode and Structured mode.
Management was “informed” that support for Report mode might be discontinued in the future.

Can anybody confirm that? If ‘YES’, when?


Carlos Siqueira


There are no plans to discontinue support of report mode.


Good to hear that.
OK, there are only ~10 out of ~20000 Modules in Report Mode at my company. But there is one thing, that you can’t do in Structured Mode: SET GLOBALS

Hi Matthias;

Not true anymore. You can use SET GLOBALS in Structured Mode.

You cannot, however, use MOVE INDEXED, or a WHERE clause in a FIND NUMBER.