How to swtich from Reporting mode to Structure Mode?

Hello All,
I wrote a IF condition in my code and ended it with “END-IF” statement. But I received following error:
NAT0610 This statement is not permitted in reporting mode.

Please let me know how to switch to structure mode, so that I could run the IF statement.

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I have figured out that we need to write the following command to go to Structure mode:


But where in the code do I need to write it?

If someone could share a code snippet to display this statement?


On PC Natural, there is an icon which allows you to toggle back and forth between Report and Structured Modes.

On a mainframe, you can type your SET GLOBALS at a NEXT prompt, or the command line.

I tried to find the option on PC to change the programming mode, but I could not find it. Could you please attach an image showing the symbol location or mention the path under which I could find that option?

Set Structured Mode with the command


You may not leave spaces around the equal sign.

Set Reporting Mode with the command


Natural commands are entered in the Command prompt found at the bottom left of Natural Studio (the development environment within Natural for Windows).

If you don’t have a Command prompt, press Alt+3 or press View on the menu bar and then check Command Line.

To find the structured mode icon (SM on/off), press View on the menu bar, then Toolbars, then Compiler Options. The SM icon should be the first on the left.