Not able to switch to Reporting mode in UNIX platform


Currently we are using structure mode NATURAL program editot in UNIX plarform. but we need to code some program in Reporting mode. so we tried the following command SM=OFF. but it is saying Reporting mode not permitted.

my question is, Reporting mode is permitted in UNIX plarform?
and can we swich between structure mode and reporting mode whenever required?

if so what is the commond we have to use to switch between these two.

please help me.


Reporting mode is possible on UNIX. But you have to set the regarding parameter in the Natural Parameter Module.

If SM=OFF in Parameter Module, you can switch between the two modes with the command you mentioned
If SM=ON in Parameter Module, it’s not allowed to switch into Report mode.

If you are using Natural Security, it is also possible that the profile for the library is set to structured mode only.

I’m curious…what do you need to program in reporting mode that you can’t do in structured mode?