Adabas Review monitoring Adabas nucleus in Cluster


I would like to know if I should specify any additional ADARUN parameter either on the Adabas Cluster side or Adabas Review side. The things is when for any reason the Adabas Review going down and it’s re-started the Adabas Review Hub nuclei lost the connection with the Adabas nuclei in Cluster. I need to recycle the Adabas nuclei in Cluster to get the connection again.

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The problem you describe should not occur.
Therefor please open a support incidence with Software AG support.
We will need to know which Review, Adabas Cluster and Net-work version you are using when this problem arises.
It may also be useful to know, whether the nucleus in the cluster, which owns the DBID (usually the nucleus which was first started and came up first) is on the same LPAR as the Review hub.

Rainer Herrmann

Thanks a lot… I already opened a support incidence… Regards,