Reverse invoke proxy port for ftp

Does anyone know why webMethods doesn’t support ftp proxy ports (just HTTP/s). My current client is using v6.5 but I don’t believe anything has changed for 8.x


As for the why, I suspect it’s probably mostly due to lack of demand. Hard to say for sure.

Depending on the OS I think there are free and commercial reverse proxies available for FTP. Dunno how they’d do with the FTP protocol supported by IS. Let us know if you implement something.

Seems strange as we have all types of ports available (email, ftp, http, etc) but only http can be used via RI. When you tell managers you can’t implement ftp they wonder whey they spent millions on the software, so it’s doubtful buying another proxy is doable. :slight_smile:

One thing I briefly thought of is putting a service on the proxy that can be invoked via ftp (a regular ftp port) that will pass it to the http proxy port to get to the internal IS. We’re dealing with a bank with limited options (ftps at this point).

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