Retrieving PackagesFoldersNodes by given Username


I need a conveniant way to retrieve Packages/Folders/Nodes by given Username identified by membership in Groups/ACLs (especially WriteACL in this case) for VersionControlSystem-Access.

We are using WM 6.0.1 SP2 on W2K.

Scenario (Steps in are not part of this Problem):
User logs in
User selects a Package
User selects a Folder or a Node somewhere in the given Package
[User commits the selected Element(s) to CVS]
[User checks status of selected Elements in CVS]
User logs out

Encountered Problems:
Services in WmAdmin not documented anywhere and not qualified enough
Classes in server.jar (i.e., useful for this task are not documented in WM-JavaAPI-Documentation. Those documented dont provide the methods I need.

This post probably relates to other VersionControl-Topics.

Thanks in Advance for your help.
Holger von Thomsen