Retrieving FTP Code from ftp service


I am doing FTP (put) operation and I need to get the value of returncode parameter in case of a failure. For example: If the file name is not allowed on the server I need the corresponding return code of 553 for it. I do get the error description by doing a getlasterror in my catch block but is there a way to get the FTP error code in case of failure please let me know



Dear Abijeet

If you are using the pub.client.ftp:put …Output has the following

returncode Standard FTP protocol return code.
returnmsg Standard FTP protocol return message.
logmsg FTP log messages for the entire user session.



Are you using pub.client:ftp(command=PUT) or pub.client.ftp:put?

It will return errorcode and this will be in the pipeline unless if it gives 200 it is success and remaining all codes are failure.


Hi RMG & Srini

Thanks for your replies. I am using pub.client.ftp service but I don’t get the returncode value is not the error code. I get the previous successful command value. However, I am fine with just getting the error message now.