Retrieved the archived records from TN tables:

Our infra structure team is planning to archine TN db every 60 days.What are the TN DB tables that need to use if I want to retrieve the archived records of “Transaction Analayis” data?

Review the SQL scripts in the db/scripts/create directory that pertain to your specific DB.

I would suggest considering simply deleting the expired records altogether. It’s highly unlikely that there is a hard business need to keep the records after 60 days (the TN DB should not be the system of record for anything) and the only way to work with the archived data is to either access the tables directly using a general-purpose SQL tool (e.g. TOAD, etc.) or copy the records back to the primary tables.

I usually recommend keeping the data just long enough to support troubleshooting communication/process issues. Usually, if an issue isn’t noticed for 60 days, then it isn’t really that big of an issue.