Retirement announcement for ARIS Cloud Usage Monitoring Service (YCSUM)

Due to the modernization of our product portfolio, we announce the final retirement of the following ARIS product for July 2025:

ARIS Cloud Usage Monitoring Service (product code: YCSUM)

The final version with general availability of the above-mentioned products is going to be shipped with the ARIS 10.0 SR26 in June 2024 .

According to our standard maintenance guidelines (see ), end of maintenance (EOM) is 1 year after general availability of ARIS 10.0 SR26, which will be June 2025.

No further releases will be shipped after this date, and no maintenance contracts will be continued for this product beyond June 2025. In case of questions, please contact your Software AG sales representative.

The product(s) listed above have been replaced by another product providing a similar capability set. Software AG has developed modern, state-of-the art alternatives that can be used to address the use-cases that were previously covered by the product(s) listed before. Your Software AG sales representative or one of our partner organizations is happy to discuss possible transition scenarios to new product versions.