JIS and JI Legacy UNIX Retirement

We would like to inform you that, after a detailed analysis & assessment, Software AG has decided to adjust its strategy regarding the Legacy-UNIX platforms HP-UX®, AIX® and Solaris®.

With many of our customers already departed from or soon planning to depart their Legacy-UNIX platforms due to cost and technical reasons, Software AG has decided Linux x86 will be its strategic open systems platform for Adabas & Natural 2050+ going forward. This will allow Software AG to focus more resources on this platform and maximize the overall value to our customer base.

The end-of-maintenance date (EOM) for Software AG support of the Legacy-UNIX platforms is December 31, 2024. For the period from December 31, 2024 to December 31, 2025 Software AG will offer options for non-standard sustained support on the Legacy-UNIX platforms for customers who are unable to rehost by the regular EOM date. Both dates apply to all Software AG Adabas & Natural products, Including JIS and JI .

For JIS and/or JI on the Legacy-UNIX platforms HP-UX®, AIX® and Solaris®, we currently plan the following final versions:

Final Version (GA) EOM EOSS
JIS 9.2.3 May 2021 31.12.2024 31.12.2025
JAI 4.5.7 January 2016 31.12.2024 31.12.2025