JIS 9.2 SP3 is now available!

Software AG JIS 9.2_SP3 provides a non-invasive approach to integrating your mission-critical applications and data with new technologies. Modernize the user experience for employees, partners and customers with modern, intuitive web and mobile interfaces with webMethods JIS. Our Mainframe Integration solutions can help you modernize and simplify application interoperability—putting your mainframe on equal footing with your digital initiatives.

webMethods JIS 9.2.3 Release Highlights

• Support for OpenJDK and OpenWebStart
• New feature providing command-line support for Import/Export functions
• All bug fixes since 9.2.2 release
• Windows 2016 & 2019 certification
• Redhat 8 certification
• Certifications for the latest browser versions, including Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
• Documentation updates.

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