JIS 9.2.1 release annoucement


JIS 9.2.1 is now available for download from the Fix Explorer module of the Empower web site https://empower.softwareag.com/default.asp

Version 9.2.1 introduces a new “Runtime Installation” procedure, enhanced Java client packaging process and IE11 support as well as various incremental improvements and customer specific enhancements.

See release notes document for more information http://apxdemoenv.softwareag.com/v9.2.1.pdf

Lior Yaffe
Development Manager
Software AG

JIS 9.2.1 Hot fix 1 is now available on Empower. This fix should be installed on top of a JIS 9.2.1 installation.
Therefore the upgrade path is: previous release --> 9.2.1 (JIS_9.2_SP1) --> 9.2.1 hot fix 1 (JIS_9.2_SP1_Fix01)
Do not deploy JIS 9.2.1 to production before applying this fix.

The fix package is available on Empower JIS_9.2_SP1_Fix01.

To verify that the fix is installed correctly make sure you see the following messages in the server and client logs:
Version/PTF Name = 9.2.1
BuildNumber = 9,0,0,2894