Resubmit Process Instance from MWS

Hi All,

In 8.2 server we can re-submit process instance from MWS. After selecting process instances we have option for resubmit earliest and resubmit latest.But in 9.8 MWS server I am not able to locate this option in process instance page.
I have deployed same process file to both the server and logged in with Administrator.So,there should not be any issue related to access privileged or re submit option enable or not.
Please find attached screen from both the server.

For 9.8 I am using trial version one.

Baharul Islam

Its normal and it is as per the design.

The “Resubmit Closest” and “Resubmit Earliest” buttons have been removed from MWS 9.7

For more details look

Explore WmMonitor guide to build flow service for resubmission (bulk/single)

Not sure if SAG has updated their documents correctly :slight_smile: