Restricting subscribers to subscribe only from same server where it got published

Do we have a way to restrict the IS trigger to subscribe only the documents published from its own server?

For ex, if you have two nodes n1 & n2 on clustering, for certain interfaces we want the doc published from n1 should be subscribed only by subscriber at n1 not by n2.

We have two webMethods Integration server 9.8 clustered through Teracotta with Messaging server as Universal messaging 9.8

Hi Ravi,
you can’t control this in UM, but you can bind an IS document type to the Local webMethods Messaging alias which will ensure that any documents published are available only to triggers on the same IS. These messages stay on the IS and never actually get sent to UM.

Thanks Jonathan. Hope you are referring to a local publish, by setting variable ‘local’ as ‘true’ on pub.publish:publish service.

I checked the documentation and unfortunately what you want is not possible with 9.8. The local flag on the pub.publish:publish service is not supported when sending to UM.
In 9.9 and higher, there is a new system wM Messaging alias called IS_LOCAL_CONNECTION. If you set this as the connection alias for an IS document type, it will only be available to triggers on the local IS.