How to make a trigger of a specific IS to subscribe document from a UM connected to 3 different ISs?

In our landscape, 3 different ISs are connected to one UM. We have a JMS trigger used for transaction monitoring in all the 3 servers. So whenever the related document is published by the UM, this trigger present in any of the 3 ISs does the processing. Because of this the wrong IS is shown in the result and not the specific one we would like. How to write a generic filter condition that helps in identifying the specific IS which subscribes to the document?

You need to clarify your use case, are you saying that all 3 servers should listen to the same document type, but once a document is consumed, all related documents will need to go only to that server ?

If so what is the relationship ? Is it based on some identifier in the document ?

more info please

I’m not 100% sure I got the use case right, but in general, if you want to process a document in one specific IS (say because the processing happens in a larger context that’s maintained by that particular IS instance), UM offers a feature called Principal-based filtering (Reverb) which basically allows for a publisher to designate a document to a specific subscriber.
If I’m not mistaken there should be a corresponding configuration in IS which in turn allows for directing a published document to a specific IS instance, but I can’t remember where that was.
Either way, it may be worth exploring if this is what you need.


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