How execute all of services in jms triggers routing rules?

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

IS 10.5

I have my packages like this:
Package1 (package)
|->Package1 (folder)
|->|->|->myserviceP1 (flow service)
|->|->|->mytriggerP1 (trigger)
Package2 (package)
|->Package2 (folder)
|->|->|->myserviceP2 (flow service)
|->|->|->mytriggerP2 (trigger)

both of triggers are configurated like:
JMS connection alias name: DEFAULT_IS_JMS_CONNECTION
JMS trigger type: Standard
JMS destinations and message selector:
-Destination Name: mydestination
-DestinationType: QUEUE

BUT mytriggerP1 has a Rule1 to Package1.srv:myserviceP1
AND mytriggerP2 has a Rule1 to Package2.srv:myserviceP2

So, when 100 messages are published at same time in UM on “mydestination” destination name, myserviceP1 execute 50 times and myserviceP2 execute 50 times. Fifty-fifty.

I want both of services consumes the 100 messages and not 50-50. How can I do that?

If I try to add a new rule in a trigger and save (for example myserviceP2 in a new Rule2 on mytriggerP1), show the following error: [ISS.0134.9207] Routing Rule “Package1.srv:myserviceP1” is unreachable. Do you want yo disable the trigger and continue saving?"

You cannot distribute documents held in a queue this way. A queue is designed for 1:1 relationship where only one subscriber can connect at a time. I’m not even sure how you are able to do the split at all as you should only be able to activate one trigger at a time.

You need to use a topic instead of a queue.

You can then have as many subscribing triggers as you wish and each one will receive a copy of the same document

Thank you so much for your soon reply. I get it, so now how can I change the destination type of a existing destination? Or should I delete it and recreate it?

Thank you

If you are in a dev environment, there’s no risk in just recreating it i.e. delete the queue and then create a new topic directly. If I remember rightly you can create the topic directly from within the JMS trigger.

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