Restricted access to deployer

Hi WmUsers,
I want certain users/group to have restricted access to import and deploy builds to target server.
Scenario: The build is created in DEV and the build file is exported. Later the deployment team needs to import the build file already created and deploy to UAT or PROD.

Creating a group and assigning Administrators ACL would work but is there any other alternative? other than assigning to Administrators ACL?

Referred to SAG documentation which says
To define, export, or import deployment or deletion sets, users must have Define ACL authorization. To deploy deployment or deletion sets (that is, to actually deploy assets to or delete assets from target servers), users must have Deploy ACL authorization.

I did not find ‘Deploy ACL’ or ‘Define ACL’ in the IS admin console Security/ACLs. Do we need to create these ACLs manually? Please advise.


Hi Suresh,

Did you get any solution in this?
I tried creating a new group and assigning DeployerAdmin ACL, but its not working alone with DeployerAdminACL. It works with Developer ACL, but user will be able to access code through developer.

Any tips in this are appreciated


After the configuration,did you ever try restarting the IS and check it?

I ended up using Administrators ACL.

cool…thanks updating back:

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