Restarting a transaction

How to restart a transaction which is stopped at some point. Can anyone help me out in doing the same. If any documents are available, that will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi Bbahadurshah,
AFAIK transaction which is stopped at some point of time cannot be restarted.What best you can do is you can set timeout for a particular transaction and if transaction timeout is there, then invoke transaction Rollback service.
Schedule this whole service(combination of Start Transaction, setTransactionTimeout,Rollback/Commit transaction) in scheduler.

Refer WmJDBCAdapterUserGuide.pdf for more documentation on Transaction services.
Puneet Saxena

Be careful with setTransactionTimeout. With the JDBC adapter fix 9 and IS 6.0.1 when connecting to Oracle 8.1.7, my experience is that this changes the timeout for every connection. It was not just set in the flow as it says in the JDBC adapter documentation. This may be a limit of the Oracle 8.1.7 database and the ojdbc14.jar file. It might be better to set a global timeout in the server.cnf file with the parameter if you really need one.