restart Database thru any UTILITY?

Can I start/stop or restart Database thru any UTILITY?

If yes, could you please assist me?

Thank You

You can stop a nucleus using   ADADBS OPERCOM
but there is no way of starting it again by means of an Adabas utility,
you will have to submit the job again or your site may have a utility
to issue a START command for a STC.

we do have START command for a STC.

I am just curious about UTILITY.

There is no Software AG utility to issue a START command,
you will need to talk to your site’s z/OS staff for that.

This would then be a z/OS utility to issue a start (S ) on console. Or a you can write your own program doing this. Many sites have onther software to issue e.g. stop (P) and starts (S) on console.

If it is a job you can from Natural submit the job via natrje to internal reader.

If you have the proper security rights, you can simply submit a job.


The Start command will execute immediately even if the job has to wait in the input queue to execute.

When I submitted the job, the Start command executed at 10.35.12 but the job didn’t start until 10.35.22.