I am new to ADABAS. We have a test DB for my learning purpose.

I connect to z/OS via extra.

Where should I issue the START command?
/S nameOfdb


/F nameOfdb,ADAEND

Is log right place to initiate start or stop command?

Thank You

As I said in the other thread, you enter the commands to stop and start the database on the system console, but typically that function is performed by someone in systems operations, and the DBA is not granted such permissions. I don’t have that kind of access where I work.

Ask your systems operator to start or shut down your database, or run this MPM for a test db as a job.

This is essential for every DBA to know how to start or stop DB.

This is like a hopeless Driver who does not know how to start or stop car and looking for his wife to start or stop.

My humble advice to you that “You should take the training soon”.

It’s a little bit different. It’s not that I don’t know how to start or shutdown the databases or other Software AG processes (e.g., EntireX Brokers, RPC Servers, Adabas SQL Gateway, Entire System Server nodes, etc). It’s that in mature mainframe computing environments, the power isn’t given all to a single person (no matter how much training or experience they have).

Question back to original (if u know please share ur knowledge).

I connect to z/OS via extra.

Where should I issue the START command?
/S nameOfdb


/F nameOfdb,ADAEND

Is log right place to initiate start or stop command?

I have no idea what an file is in context with a z/OS mainframe environment. If this is some kind of input dataset to an automation script, then knowing which script is executed at system startup vs system shutdown is important.

Here’s where, again, it would be quite helpful for you to talk to your systems operations people and find out from them the current policies and procedures you have in place regarding the addition of new startup and shutdown commands. This isn’t something standard from one shop to another - especially if you have some homegrown automation put in place.

If this db startup and shutdown is not to be automated, I go back to my other answer… these commands are entered on the system console, and your system operations folks can enter these for you. Make sure your Adabas proc is RACF authorized to be started as a started task.

If I can infer… the naming of “” to me would sound like a shutdown (sd) log, and to me a log is output, not input. I am not sure either one of these (startup or shutdown) should go into that file.

And to add what Mike Waldron might say to me, I googled “” and found nothing on it in the right context.

this is a path of the (file/directory) for the System Log

It takes you SDSF

We do not have SDSF enabled at our shop.

…or I just don’t have access to it:


Your shop is out of date.

thanks for your answers.

May I ask why you start two threads with exactly the same question ?

Please Look at my previous thread, you will understand why I did.

Please read feed backs.


I’m afraid your analogy works against you, before even thinking about startng a car
one usually goes to driving school, inhales a lot of theory, then, and only then, starts
the car for the first time while being guided by an instructor :wink:

To answer your question:

There is no “right” or “wrong” place to enter the start command, you can
do anywhere in SDSF. It makes sense to do it from LOG because you
see the database start messages float by, but you can as well do it
from DA or any other place.

Dawar: your inexperience with even z/OS and ISPF is plain, let alone Adabas. To support system software (such as Adabas) on the mainframe, you need a solid understanding of JCL, ISPF and z/OS utilities.

I work with several sites. Not all of them use SDSF for access to the console and JES queues - there are other software tools that do this (IOF is one). And those that use SDSF do not all use “” as the ISPF path - this is something each site chooses since it is not dictated by IBM.

Do some research on IBM sites for information on how to enter operator commands. The format and means of entering them is not defined by Software AG, but by IBM.

Be cautious in doing this.

In my organisation, we DBA’s have access to bounce the database.

In your case, Please ask your system admin to bring down the database.
If you are doing, make sure that the triggered MPM jobs should also run fine, when you issue the ADAEND command on the LOG.

You can simply submit the MPM job to bring up the database.