Restart after smtp server change


our smtp server was changing. In our IS admin-page the alias of the smtp server is stored.
usually we have to make a restart the the IS can reconnect to the smtp server. we always have this problem when a connected server is changing the ip. Is there another possibility instead of restarting the IS?

thank you kim

Use a DNS name and try to flush and register the DNS names (on the webemthods box) everytime the SMTP server IP changes.

Hope this IS is not referenced anywhere else (Remote servers, webservice endpoints etc) with an IP.


This is a common issue for long-running JVM processes using default configurations.

By default, a JVM caches name resolutions forever. For processes such as Integration Server this is usually (IME, always) undesirable.

You can change the configuration at JVM startup via command-line arguments or properties. See the following link:

Change the ttl setting to 10, 30, 300, etc. seconds, whatever is most appropriate for your environment. Keep in mind that the longer the interval, the longer it will take IS to recognize an IP change for any given hostname. I recommend using an interval that is as small as possible (e.g. 1).

I forgot to mention: this caching can defeat some load-balancing schemes, which rely on regular hostname lookup calls to return different IP addresses for each call.

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