Rest request with parameter in url

Hello experts,

We have a REST API “api.customer” with the operation /V1/search exposed as REST resources.
On 9.7 (with Centrasite / Mediator) we can call /ws/api.customer/V1/search/{id} and we can see, in the pipeline received by IS, the $resourceID equals the parameter id in the url (for exemple $resourceID=123 with request /ws/api.customer/V1/search/123).

On 10.5 (with API Gateway) when we launch the same request, we have an error “Resource /V1/search/123” not found. 123 is not considered like a parameter.

What can explain this behaviour?



When we set the value of the extended setting “strictResourceMatching” to ‘false’, parameter is correctly interpreted.

Is it the good solution?


Yes, you can use that extended setting

Thank you!

On that note, this will be a global setting and not per interface/flow.