webMethods API Gateway Q&A - Try out API interprets commas as additional parameters

Product/components used and version/fix level:

Product Line webMethods
Product webMethods Developer Portal (DPO)
Versions 10.11
Platforms All Platforms
Operating Systems All Operating Systems

Detailed explanation of the problem:

On Developer Portal there is an API with vectors as query parameters. Therefore some query parameters have the form ?vector1=1,2&vector2=2,3,4.

When trying the API in the API detail view, users are not able to enter this kind of values because Developer Portal interprets commas as additional parameters, that is:

?vector1=1,2 will be ?vector1=1&vector1=2

It looks like pressing the comma symbol causes the same effect than pressing enter.

Fixed in Developer Portal 10.11 fix 11.
Below is the fix read me for user reference –

Unable to pass comma-separated values for a query parameter that accepts multiple values for REST APIs from the Try API page because the system interprets commas as additional parameters.

This issue is resolved.