Request - Replace with... Base Library on Server (NaturalOne Mainframe users)

Hi there,

After a request for next release please, I understand there is a function:
Compare with… Base Library on Server

Which will compare your current local contents with the server base library.

Is there a way to implement:
Replace with… Base Library on server
(instead of having the find the object in the server and “Add to existing project” to replace it).
At the moment Replace with only references your local history in Natural One or Repository information.

I understand Git / Versioning reduces the need for this, but sometimes when some users are not using versioning systems, this task is tedious and frustrating (manually replacing the object and essentially doing their versioning for them).

Please let me know.

Thank you.

It may help to submit this as a Brainstorm feature request. Consider inclusion of a reference to request 04814.